Research Cruise Palau 2017

This was our second and last FLEAT (Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography) cruise and my first time as chief scientist. We successfully recovered five moorings in the vicinity of the island group Palau. In addition, we conducted towed mesurements above the submarine ridge along the island of Yap to observe lee waves generated by the mean flow.

The towyos over different parts of the ridge, at different depths, showed strong vertical oscillations of isopycnals and enhanced levels of turbulent dissipation. At each site we repeated the measurements several times over a tidal cycle to be able to discern tidally and mean-flow-generated lee waves. The figure below shows measurements from the deepest lee wave survey north of Yap. Upper panels show stratification and isopycnals, the lower panels turbulent dissipation as measured with chipods.


For more details take a look at the cruise report. Below are a few impressions from the cruise.

revelle anchored

mp recovery




Photos © Kirstin Fitzmorris, Conrad Luecke, Derek Young, Mika Siegelman, Pat Collins