Physical Oceanographer

Scripps Institution of Oceanography


I am a physical oceanographer currently working as project scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. My research interests include oceanic processes like dense overflows and hydraulics, internal waves and turbulent mixing, and their impacts on the large-scale ocean circulation. My research is primarily based on the collection and analysis of shipboard and moored in-situ observations. I am a member of Multiscale Ocean Dynamics at Scripps.


  • Overflows and Hydraulics
  • Ocean Turbulence and Mixing
  • Internal Waves
  • Global Overturning Circulation


  • Dr.rer.nat. Physical Oceanography, 2010

    University of Hamburg

  • Diplom Physics, 2006

    University of Hamburg


Near-Inertial Shear and Kinetic Energy in the North Atlantic Experiment - NISKINe

ONR-funded project to study the generation, propagation and decay of near-inertial waves in the North Atlantic

Boundary Layer Turbulence - BLT

Turbulence and abyssal upwelling in the deep bottom boundary layers.

Propagation of Intra-Seasonal Tropical Oscillations - PISTON

Understanding three-dimensional oceanic processes that may influence the propagation of multi-scale convective systems in the atmosphere

Hydraulic Processes in the Samoan Passage

NSF-funded project to study hydraulic processes in the abyssal flow through the Samoan Passage

Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography - FLEAT

ONR-funded project to study flow-topography interactions in the vicinity of Palau in the northern tropical Pacific

Samoan Passage Abyssal Mixing Experiment

NSF-funded project to study volume transport and mixing processes in the abyssal flow through the Samoan Passage

Selected Recent Publications

Topographic Form Drag on Tides and Low-Frequency Flow: Observations of Nonlinear Lee Waves over a Tall Submarine Ridge near Palau

Towed shipboard and moored observations show internal gravity waves over a tall, supercritical submarine ridge that reaches to 1000 m …

Persistent Turbulence in the Samoan Passage

Abyssal waters forming the lower limb of the global overturning circulation flow through the Samoan Passage and are modified by intense …

Pacific Abyssal Transport and Mixing: Through the Samoan Passage versus around the Manihiki Plateau

The main source feeding the abyssal circulation of the North Pacific is the deep, northward flow of 5–6 Sverdrups (Sv; 1 Sv ≡ 10$^6$ …

Warming and Weakening of the flow through Samoan Passage

The abyssal flow of water through the Samoan Passage accounts for the majority of the bottom water renewal in the North Pacific, …

Pathways, Volume Transport and Mixing of Abyssal Water in the Samoan Passage

The flow of dense water through the Samoan Passage accounts for the major part of the bottom water renewal in the North Pacific and is …


I Open Source


Ocean Mixing Parameterizations in Python.

code   /   docs


CTD Data Processing in Python.

code   /   docs


Somewhat random collection of data analysis code snippets written in Python. Sharing this here as I sometimes find inspiration in other peoples code. Please be aware that breaking changes may occur at any moment.

code   /   docs


Adds a magic command to IPython that will watch out for file changes and re-evaluate a notebook cell if any changes occur.


Recent Posts


A watchdog for IPython / jupyter notebook cells

BLT Test Moorings Recovered

Successful recoveries of two test moorings deployed in San Diego Trough

A Step Beyond

Exploring physical oceanography through dance

Research Cruise Iceland 2019

Mooring deployments in the Iceland Basin

Research Cruise Palau 2017

Mooring recoveries north of Palau & lee wave measurements over Yap Ridge



Assistant Project Scientist

Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UCSD

Jul 2014 – Present La Jolla, California

Roles include:

  • PI and co-PI on several research projects
  • Lead mooring engineer for Multiscale Ocean Dynamics group

Postdoctoral Scholar

Applied Physics Laboratory / UW

Mar 2012 – Jun 2014 Seattle, Washington

Postdoctoral research on the abyssal flow through the Samoan Passage.

Mentors: Matthew Alford & James Girton


Graduate Student

University of Hamburg

Aug 2005 – Jun 2010 Hamburg, Germany

Dissertation On the Nordic Overturning Circulation

Diploma thesis Entrainment in the Denmark Strait Overflow Plume by meso-scale Eddies

Mentor: Detlef Quadfasel